Frequently asked Questions


What qualifications do I need to join?

Our influencers must have at least 5000 followers on their Instagram account or on their Facebook profile or Fan page.

Do I have to pay to use Famenote?

Social media influencers are able to use Famenote for free.

Is my Collabary profile public?

It’s not, only the brands signed up to Famenote can view your profile.

How do I get started?

Complete your profile and start applying on active campaigns in your category or wait for direct invitation from brands as you get discovered on our platform.

How am I rewarded?

You get paid per campaign fixed price as previously agreed with the brand as long as your content gets approved and it’s properly distributed. Payment varies for every influencer and campaign, and is agreed upon prior to being approved for a campaign.

When do I get paid?

All payments are released directly on your bank account on the 5th day of the month.

How do I get paid?

After you have 50 euros or more credited to your account in your Influencer Dashboard, you can request payout.

I didn’t get paid. What do I do?

Payment is sent out on the 5th day of each month and only if you requested payout during the previous month.

To request payout:
  • Log in
  • Go to your dashboard
  • Click Request payout
If you have requested payout and did not receive it on the 5th day by the end of the day, please contact us. Please check the following common issues:
  • Did you entered your bank account?
  • Did you request payout? If you didn’t request payout, the system won’t send you funds.
  • Is it the 5th day of the month? If it’s not, wait until the 5th day of the month for your payment.
If you’ve checked all of the above and still haven’t been paid, reach out to us and let us know you’re having issues.:

Can I negotiate with brands about campaign pricing?

You can discuss details about the campaign and also negotiate your payment via messenger, as soon as a brand sends you a campaign proposal.

What are my analytics used for?

We gather analytics for all campaign participants and compile them into a report which we then send off to the client.

Will you post on my social channels?

We only post to your social channels if you (the influencer) and Famenote have agreed on a date and time for posts to be published. Other than that, we will never post without your permission.

How do I participate in a campaign?

Once a brand decides they’d like to work with you they’ll get in touch via the Famenote messenger. You will also receive an e-mail with the campaign proposal. Of course, you decide if you would like to accept the offer or not. You can participate in a campaign with a few easy steps that you can find here. You can also learn how to submit content here.


How do I join and is Famenote free?

You need to fill out a form with basic information about your business and then complete the settings page of your account. Is free to create an account and profile, you only pay 10% fee per completed campaign

How do I start a campaign?

You can find the steps for the creation of a new campaign here.We recommend you to communicate directly with creators through our messenger, to easily keep track of your conversations.

Can I send direct invitation for a promotion?

Yes, you can search influencers by filters, and send private invitations to them for a campaign

Can I negotiate pricing with influencers?

Once you’ve sent out a campaign proposal to an influencer or an influencer has applied for your campaign, you can get in touch with with them via our messenger to negotiate.

Where can I see how our campaign has performed?

You can find the steps for campaign analytics here.

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