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As a Brand, Famenote gives you a new, more modern way of spreading your message. You can search and recruit influencers directly from the platform, and build out campaigns from start to finish. No matter what demographic you are looking to reach, here on Famenote, you can find the most relevant influencers and recruit them for your campaign, getting them to spread your message and inspire consumers to take action. By investing in Influencer Marketing, you will be able to subconsciously gravitate people toward your Brand. Giving you immense exposure, as well as, a high return on investments.


While the actual marketing requires a lot of time and personal attention, managing campaigns and influencer relationships don’t have to. Finding the right influencers to cooperate with, analyzing campaigns and, measuring success/failure - are all important aspects of Influencer Marketing - this platform does all of this for you!

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Describe your campaign, choose your audience and set your budget. Get to your target audience by placing your product or service into the content your customers are already consuming.

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Research influencers by a filter or receive proposals from content creators and start negotiating with them.

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Once you receive your content from the influencers, see if it fits your conditions and previous agreements and approve it for distribution.

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You’ll be able to see detailed analytics and with past campaign reviews, we help you anticipate results for future campaigns.

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